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Restaurant Directors' Club

The Restaurant Directors' Club, hosted by accountancy firm Jeffreys Henry LLP, is an exclusive, invite-only roundtable discussion that brings together a cross-section of leading restaurant owners and industry experts.

This unique event provides an opportunity to share ideas, exchange views, discuss current challenges, and do some all-important networking with like-minded peers.

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Restaurant Directors' Club

The Next Event

A lack of supply, soaring premiums and rents in the past twelve months have left many new and established restaurant operators finding it difficult to compete for suitable property.

The next Restaurant Directors’ Club, to be hosted over lunch on Tuesday 20th September 2016, brings together a panel of leading property agents to explain how the London restaurant property market is performing, and how you can compete and negotiate for prime locations. Experts will also be discussing how operators can speed up transactions, avoid legal and VAT pitfalls on acquisition and maximise capital allowance claims when fitting out or refurbishing restaurants.

Guest speakers include:-

Restaurant Directors' Club

With clients including Murano, Hix, Tom Sellers, Jason Atherton and Coya, Dean Gambles is a restaurant property consultant specialising in the Central London market.


Restaurant Directors' Club

With over fifteen years experience, David Abramson, Managing Director of CDG Leisure, is one of London's most well-known leisure property advisors.


Restaurant Directors' Club

Rohan Pradhan, Deliveroo's Strategic Project Lead, will be explaining how their latest venture Roobox, provides restaurants with the use of a fully-equipped kitchen in areas with limited restaurant supply but high demand for delivery.


Restaurant Directors' Club

Alun Oliver, one of the UK's leading experts on Capital Allowances for restaurants, bars and hotels, will explain how restaurant directors are often overlooking, or not maxamising, tax allowances when fitting out or refurbishing restaurants.


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Previous Guests Have Included:-


Tips, Service Charges and TRONCS

With tipping practices back in the spotlight, dealing with cash tips, service charges and TRONCS has become a real concern for many restaurant and hospitality operators.

Leading directors attending the latest Restaurant Directors' Club on Monday, 2 November concluded that despite negative press publicity and misunderstanding by the public, a correctly structured TRONC can increase employees take home pay by up to 12% and provides a means of recruiting, motivating and incentivising employees, but getting it wrong could lead to an expensive National Insurance settlement with HMRC.

Melanie Gower, Payroll and TRONC specialist from accountancy firm Jeffreys Henry LLP, opened the discussion by explaining the differences between cash tips and discretionary service charge.

Cash tips i.e. those left on the table, remains the property of the employee. Employers can ask for it to be pooled and distributed fairly to all staff but they cannot insist. A discretionary service charge is just that, an optional payment added to each bill and initially the property of the restaurant but can then be fairly distributed to all employees via the TRONC.

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Crowdfunding becoming "a loyalty card on steroids"

Bonds are becoming an increasingly important method of attracting attention in an ever-more competitive crowdfunding market, according to Crowdcube.

The group’s business development manager Tom Leigh said the success of Taylor Street Baristas’s coffee bond had inspired other companies seeking investment but warned that fundraisers will need to keep innovating to attract attention.

Speaking at the Restaurant Directors Club, organised by Jeffreys Henry LLP, he described the offers being tabled on Crowdcube as "a loyalty card on steroids".

Previous guests have included directors from Pizza Pilgrims, Bavarian Beerhouse, Chilango, K10, The Truscott Arms, Rosa's Thai Cafe, El Camion, The House of Ho, Voodoo Rays, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and The Jar Kitchen.

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Restaurant directors hear what’s on the menu for 2015

Restaurateurs at a Directors’ Club lunch organised by Jeffreys Henry have heard that after many tough years in the marketplace, the future is looking brighter.

Addressing an audience of directors from Bavarian Beerhouse, The House of Ho, Jar Kitchen, The Truscott Arms and Potli at the accountant’s offices in central London, Horizons managing director Peter Backman said that it had been difficult keeping UK customers eating out.

“It’s tough appealing to an increasingly cost conscious audience, and tough keeping your offer fresh while there’s been a tight squeeze on margins,” he said. “But for the past 12 months or so things have been looking much brighter for many operators. And I believe that’s going to continue for a while.”

Mark Tenzer, partner at Jeffreys Henry, added: “The restaurant and hospitality market is firmly back in growth mode. Many of our clients have posted strong growth over the last year and have started well in 2015, with expansion firmly on their agenda for the year ahead.

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